Tuesday, October 20, 2020


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First and foremost, the advocates of Catholic Family Advocates are… the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother Mary.

Then, we are the instruments who analyze messages put out by influential forces compare them to Church teaching, fill in missing information, and share it with you. Our mission is to raise awareness about relational issues of our times and Catholic solutions to these threats to the individual as well as the family unit. We work to empower parents and families to implement improvements necessary to lead souls to heaven.

In addition to our direct work, you are advocates too! We invite and welcome each of your relevant experiences which can teach the rest of us valuable solutions. Please email contact@CatholicFamilyAdvocates.com with your, anonymous if desired, solutions to accomplishing improvements within your schools, parishes, diocese. (Your email addressed will remain private and not shared with anyone).

Given the series of revelations of sexual abuse and cover ups by some who betray our trust, Catholic Family Advocates priority is for everyone, all adults, youth and children, to be aware of sexual abuse prevention signs and workings of sexual abuse and to be empowered to address and report it as needed…regardless of who the perpetrator is. Together, we can act on the Good News!

* We follow Catholic teaching, but are not dependent on any institutional Catholic funding. All of our funding is donor-based. contact@catholicfamilyadvocates.com

Mother & Daughter Tea

Our Mother & Daughter Tea is a special time of bonding and learning about what true love is. We reveal God’s beautiful plan for loving Him, truly loving ourselves, and loving others.

The Mother & Daughter Tea is part of Catholic Family Advocates, an organization not dependent on any funding by any governmental or Church institution, and thereby not influenced by special interests. To support us with your donation,  please click here.

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